Providing Ableton Live , Max for Live , Jitter, Lemur , OSC and Music Production Tutorials with free Ableton audio visual downloads. Overprocessedthinking is a site which I have been running for a while, during my time in college where I studied music technology for 4 years , I began to gain an interest in the relationship between art, video and electronic music , both of my final year projects were based on this and in my last year of college , I was introduced to Max 7 and I found its capabilities to be amazing from creating a virtual orchestra using a Wii remote to developing several Ableton Live plug ins, my knowledge of the software grew and have provided several tutorials and free downloads on here .
As a side hobby I’ve been learning how to create animations and digital art using Cinema 4D, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop , some of my art can be seen on my Instagram , T Shirt and Sticker design store and my music can be heard on my Soundcloud page.
You can follow me on Twitter, where I will be posting links on music technology , production and more.


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  1. Thank you very much… Been looking for years for some material.. to incorporate real time visuals through Max for a liveshow. You are a savior… Wish u the best 🙂

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