Audio reactive webcam free download

Just a quick blog post on a Max for Live patch I had been working on which I have provided a free download of, the video of the patch is below , music is by very talented Ilkae-(track titled “KK”)  be sure to check his music out.

This patch was inspired by Masato Tsutsui who would be one of my favourite programmers/digital artists. By following his two tutorials which are linked at the end of the post , I was able to use the feed from my webcam as a texture, which was then made audio reactive in Ableton Live 9.6.

I advise you to watch both of his tutorials because he explains on how to use a webcam feed as a texture better than I can even though his tutorials are in Japanese ! .

After completing his two tutorials , I decided to continue on and make the patch both audio reactive and to be able to work in Ableton live as a Max for Live patch.

I have covered how to create a basic audio reactive Max for Live patch here and here, this same method is used to make the relevant shape audio reactive.

I have included the Max for Live patch as a free download .

The patch will be in presentation mode , to view patching mode press the yellow button as displayed in the image below. By pressing cmd+E you will unlock the patch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 22.37.13

I have commented the patch to try help explain some parts of it , if you have any questions feel free to ask , thank you for reading this post.

To install the patch

  • Open up Ableton Live
  • Select the Master Channel
  • Drag and drop the .amxd file into the effects
  • Drag in a track into any audio channel
  • Press the toggle to start the patch and select open to start the webcam
  • Play an audio file and view the screen (esc will put the screen into fullscreen mode)


9 thoughts on “Audio reactive webcam free download

  1. Thank you! It works! But on full screen mode with menu bar still visible, when I type in @border 0, The menu bar disappears but it goes mini mode again on my computer screen and I’m unable to drag the window into the 2nd screen?


    1. I had the same issue when working with VDMX, you need to change a setting with your operating system , I’m not sure what it is with windows but with Mac , you go into system preferences — Mission Control and turn off “Displays have separate Spaces ” , you will need to log off and on again for it to take effect.


  2. I got to remove the menu bar! You’re awesome! How do you create another jit window just mirroring the original? Can I just duplicate it? Which seciton of the patch? So that I don’t have to be looking at the projector behind me and I can just view another monitor on may laptop? Really learning jit from your patch!


    1. It wouldn’t be as simple as duplicating the jit.window because of the way it’s named. Also a second screen could result in frame rate drops


  3. You could try and connect an iPad or another tablet as a third monitor , so duplicate what is going to the projector , might be a better option if its able to be done


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