Ableton Audio Visual download

Just a short post to provide a free download link from an Ableton Live device I was working on , I initially started the patch using a tutorial on gen here , then converted it to a Max for Live patch while adding some effects which are mappable to a MIDI device.
If you are a first time visitor to my blog , be sure to check out my Max for Live Jitter tutorials where I explain the process in creating a simple audio visual device for Ableton.
A video of the device and screenshots can be seen below along with the download link.

To use the device ,
First drag it into the master channel of your Ableton Live project
Press the toggle button on the left hand side of the max patch and play music
By having FX3 to the right will create a ribbon effect and to the Left will be a sphere, experiment with all 3.

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 22.15.55.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 22.15.43.png

Here is the Free Download , feel free to follow and leave a comment below , Thank you for reading , my next post will be on music production.



2 thoughts on “Ableton Audio Visual download

  1. Your visualizer is so wonderful! I want to use this for flute and effects performance.

    But for some reason I can’t use the red button to close the visualizer. And when I go full screen, I can’t Erase the window. Is there a way to solve these problems? Or is there a tutorial somewhere?

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    1. Thank you for your comment and nice words , to switch between full screen and back you press the “esc” key , this is set up by the “KEY” node which is sent to the sel 27 (the number 27 refers to the esc key , this can be set to any key on your keyboard) and to fullscreen , (this is in the bottom right hand side of the patch) , so when the esc key is pressed , a message is sent to jit.window to go fullscreen and when pressed again it will erase the window , I hope this was helpful to you.

      Your flute and effects performance sounds great


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