Audio reactive webcam free download

Just a quick blog post on a Max for Live patch I had been working on which I have provided a free download of, the video of the patch is below , music is by very talented Ilkae-(track titled “KK”)  be sure to check his music out.

This patch was inspired by Masato Tsutsui who would be one of my favourite programmers/digital artists. By following his two tutorials which are linked at the end of the post , I was able to use the feed from my webcam as a texture, which was then made audio reactive in Ableton Live 9.6.

I advise you to watch both of his tutorials because he explains on how to use a webcam feed as a texture better than I can even though his tutorials are in Japanese ! .

After completing his two tutorials , I decided to continue on and make the patch both audio reactive and to be able to work in Ableton live as a Max for Live patch.

I have covered how to create a basic audio reactive Max for Live patch here and here, this same method is used to make the relevant shape audio reactive.

I have included the Max for Live patch as a free download .

The patch will be in presentation mode , to view patching mode press the yellow button as displayed in the image below. By pressing cmd+E you will unlock the patch.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 22.37.13

I have commented the patch to try help explain some parts of it , if you have any questions feel free to ask , thank you for reading this post.